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(Merry Christmas) We Must Be Having One

This song is by Tammy Wynette and appears on the album Christmas with Tammy Wynette (1970).

Merry christmas we must be having one
Writers Norro Wilson and Danny Walls
Copyright 1970

Silent Night has never sounded any sweeter
And Jingle Bells ring softly in the night
And it's the season on me to be happy
Cause this Christmas you're here to hold me tight
The snow is falling just outside my window
And children are having so much fun
If this is what you call a merry Christmas
Well darling we must be having one
This is the way I always dreamed it could be
When the kids are seeing it'll be time for you and me
The presents have been wrapped and every stocking hung
So merry Christmas we must be having one
So merry Christmas we must be having one

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