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Tame Impala - EP (2008)Edit

Tame Impala - Tame Impala
Tame Impala
  1. Desire Be, Desire Go
  2. Skeleton Tiger
  3. Half Full Glass of Wine
  4. Forty One Mosquitoes Flying in Formation
  5. Slide Through My Fingers
  6. Wander

Sundown Syndrome (2009)Edit

Tame Impala - Sundown Syndrome
Sundown Syndrome
  1. Sundown Syndrome
  2. Remember Me

Innerspeaker (2010)Edit

Tame impala - innerspeaker
  1. It's Not Meant To Be
  2. Desire Be Desire Go
  3. Alter Ego
  4. Lucidity
  5. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
  6. Solitude Is Bliss
  7. Jeremy's Storm
  8. Expectation
  9. The Bold Arrow of Time
  10. Runway, Houses, City, Clouds
  11. I Don't Really Mind
  12. Island Walking (iTunes Bonus Track)

Lonerism (2012)Edit

Tame Impala - Lonerism
  1. Be Above It
  2. Endors Toi
  3. Apocalypse Dreams
  4. Mind Mischief
  5. Music To Walk Home By
  6. Why Won't They Talk to Me?
  7. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
  8. Keep On Lying
  9. Elephant
  10. She Just Won't Believe Me
  11. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
  12. Sun's Coming Up
  13. Led Zeppelin (iTunes bonus track)
  14. Beverly Laurel (Deluxe edition bonus track)

Currents (2015)Edit

Tame Impala - Currents
  1. Let It Happen
  2. Nangs
  3. The Moment
  4. Yes I'm Changing
  5. Eventually
  6. Gossip
  7. The Less I Know the Better
  8. Past Life
  9. Disciples
  10. 'Cause I'm a Man
  11. Reality in Motion
  12. Love/Paranoia
  13. New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Live and Unreleased SongsEdit

Songs featuring Tame ImpalaEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. That's All For Everyone

Additional information

Years active:
  • 2007 - present
Band members:
  • Kevin Parker - guitar, bass, drums, vocals
  • Dominic Simper - guitar, synth
  • Jay Watson - keys
  • Cam Avery - bass
  • Julien Barbagallo - drums
Former members:
  • Nick Allbrook
Record labels:

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