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Album by Talk Talk.
  1. Myrrhman
  2. Ascension Day
  3. After the Flood
  4. Taphead
  5. New Grass
  6. Runeii


  • Lee Harris – drums
  • Mark Feltham – harmonica
  • Martin Ditcham – percussion
  • Mark Hollis – vocal, guitar, piano, organ
  • Tim Friese-Greene – organ, piano, harmonium
  • Levine Andrade, Stephen Tees, George Robertson, Gavyn Wright, Jack Glickman, Garfield Jackson, Wilf Gibson – viola
  • Simon Edwards, Ernest Mothle – acoustic bass
  • Roger Smith, Paul Kegg – cello
  • Henry Lowther – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Dave White – contrabass clarinet

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