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As a young girl I loved the straight talking songs that Harvey Andrews wrote about the Kent State University tragedy & Northern Ireland (The Soldier) as much as his far gentler, but still fiercely poignant, songs about places like Birmingham (City Dweller) and Hull (Boothferry Bridge). In the 60's I suppose this mix of indignation against injustices all over the world and involvement in , what were, very strong local youth cultures went a long way to explaining exactly what is was which made that era so very unique and unforgettable. Forget sex, drugs and rock and roll ( although they played their part)- it was the awakening of young people to the idea that they were part of THIS - whether THIS was the questionable morals surrounding the war in Vietnam, the comlexities of Northern Ireland, the Civil rights movement in America and subsequent shooting of both Martin Luther King and Jack Kennedy, or local bands, cafe's and concerts, the small but important stuff! The idea of young people as a global group was strong in Britain, America and Europe and that feeling was a first for the majority. Sure bad stuff happened, that is human nature and inevitable but thinking about Harvey's songs now I wish that more youth today had some of that feeling of solidarity and integrity; some kind of moral compass to fix their sights on, something bigger than themselves to ponder and get animated about , something more constructive to apply their energies to. Adults then thought hippies were a lost generation , little did they know how very much more truly lost the kids in the 21st century were going to be . Nice to recall Harvey's songs for a while.