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Talkin To You

This song is by Talib Kweli.

(Mos Def)
It's always the nervous cats, that's like...
Yo money, you tryin' to dis me or something?
What you tryin' to get fly or something?
You tryin' to get a little rep off me or something, money?
Let me tell you something money, you don't know me like that
NawI'msayin, you don't know none of my crew like that
NawI'msayin, and if you really wanna make some little insinuation
About me nawI'msayin, don't talk about it, be about it money
If you wanna do something, we can do it right now

(Pharoahe Monch)
I levitate through meditation
Sitting my legs crossed, source to build force field
To shield my immediate surroundings
Avoiding falling sheet rock, rubble and granite
Expand, white man, got plans to feed the planet
Excessive hate, repercussions of manic-depressive state
Panic, God forbid we all take it for granted
Delivering lyrical thoughts for spiritual dividends
Half the concentrate, like Hampstead we'll be livin' in
Magnetic boring them, it's a must I score again
And pollute em, shoot 'em like white students in Oregon
'Cause when I was broke, I always found figures to fuck bitches
Wit full-force like them muscle-bound niggas

(Rah Digga)
Well it's the R-A-H, big up to Brick City
When I'm not rippin niggas I be ?feelin' wit committee?
Got two rap clicks, so bring all the kingred
Buggin off of rappers sayin' shit that I been said
Askin me how your mob sound, bringin' my high down
Flipmode put shit together quicker than a seamstress
Thinkin' I talk white 'cause I speak proper English
All up in your air like I was celly interference
Rip shows and make little cameo appearance
White label to death if I can't get no clearance

(Mos Def)
Alot of cats think I'm trapped in a box, livin' cruel and if that's true
I'm talkin' to you
Thinkin' of dissin your steez, your degress, everything you're attached to then
I'm talkin' to you
Wonderin who we talkin' about, yo is my name in his mouth, well then
I'm talkin' to you
No mystery, you ain't got to scratch your head
Like "Is he dissin me?", we talkin' to you

Aiyyo we severed the lever that I pull
It's never the bull, shit instead of the full clip, click
You get hit in the head wit dialect
When I pre-fect my new script
Check the architect then select the newest blueprint
When I pro-ject the move-meant of the mic, it might strike
And brand new life trife that handle
?Flyin off?, literature that's pure
Yo we miniature before, you finished yours, I get mine
Musically inclined, like the sign of a clef
To my death, I rhyme and yes I left you, sense-less in the mind
Plus I'm, going to show no re-pentance
My flow's relentless, you know the sentence

(Talib Kweli)
You will respect it when we set it
Fake MC's get tossed
For leavin' the microphone covered wit the gloss
Don't get lost, bitch-asses who switch fastest
When my hits smashes, impacts like whip crashes
Fuckin' up your face like thick glasses
You still can't see shit
I'll snatch your faith, your imagination won't believe it
It's ill, you can't conceive it
Any nigga can make a baby, it takes a man to be a father
Why bother, you'll be run over in the street like Frogger
Comatose like Central Park joggers when my crew goes wildin
Lyricist who will never Lounge till all wack shit is silenced
I'm not violent, niggas come aggressive wit that nonsense
Yo, it's time for us to get aggressive wit our conscience

(Mos Def)
Alot of cats think I'm chattin about
Them and they crew, and if that's true
I'm talkin' to you
Wondering if I'm dissin you and everything you're attached to
I'm talkin' to you
Runnin' your mouth, wonderin "yo, who Mos be talkin' bout?"
I'm talkin' to you
No mystery, you can consider yourself dissed officially
You can consider yourself dissed officially
You can consider yourself dissed officially


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