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​Something's On Your Mind

This song is by Takida and appears on the album oLD (2000).

Hate you I leave you I need you in time,
Answer myself and it all going down
Something's on your mind,
I hope that you could find

Searching my head I don't know if I'll find,
You are the one and I feel like a lie

I see your face inside my head;
I try to call but no one there,
Why are you doing this to me?
I get to see you everyday,
I have a problem come out and play,
There's something wrong now can't you see?


I see you in my dreams and I can't touch your face,
Losing myself and it won't go away

Am I what you want me to be,
I know that I'm trying to hard,
Won't you tell me to stay,
Then I won't go away