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​Killed By Train

This song is by Takida and appears on the album oLD (2000).

You were my friend until the end,
Now you are dead, hit by a train,
Why god is he dead?
Ran out at night he saw the light
Coming smashing at his head,
And that's good night
You should have seen him when he bleed
You my friend, until the end

I know where you are now,
I hope you are fine,
Remember why,
You cannot die

He was black he was big,
Going bisurc dancing like a pig,
I liked you anyway
You were kind to me,
You were kind to them,
You were kind to everybody who didn't have a friend,
I thought you were here to stay

I miss you, you now I'll do,
You are not dead to me,
In my head, you are still there