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Die Alone

This song is by Takida and appears on the album ...Make You Breathe (2006).

Are you colder now, are you colder than the water
Is your heart alive, your heart is so much older?

And you will find out there will be no doubt
There is no way back home
Waiting for the day, it will/will it come your way?
The greatest fear, die alone

You're helpless now, and you're about to fall
You wanna change, yeah you want to remember it all
It's darker now and you think you're all alone

Moving closer, let go
Getting weaker and still you don't know
Why tomorrow comes alone
And now it's gone

Are we seeking life, are we feeding from pain?
I can hear you cry, are you feeling the same?
I can see it now, you are leaving to day

Swallow the pride
Don't think of tomorrow, don't think of today

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