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This song is by Takida and appears on the album Thorns (2004).

You wanna piece of me, I won't let you breathe,
I'm gonna teach you now the hard way
Be the one I love, be the one I need,
Be the one who rule in every way I can see it in your eyes
(I don't see what you want)
I can see it as you're falling back behind
Don't you tell another lie
(It's not easy I know)
I can't rest until there's nothing left inside

I'm sick'n tired of this, I'm sick'n tired of you,
It's on my mind all the time now you will pay
I'm gonna tear it up, I have made up my mind,
It's gonna be real good in every way

I got a thing for you called rage
Watch your back here it comes again
If only things could come undone
Apprecihated by everyone

The days have come to an end, you and me against them,
You will stay in the shade
Again and again, I can see it in your eyes,
I know the pain will remain

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