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This song is by Takida and appears on the album ...Make You Breathe (2006).

How do you feel when he's holding you tight?
What do you see in him that scare's you every night?
You scream inside cause you live without pride
It is him against you, it's not right
He will not cause you pain if you're good
Will you please him or refuse like you should?
Let's do this now, let's end this now

There's nowhere to hide, the demon is out,
He's whispering the words: here we go again

Can't you see I'm not gonna change?
I'm on a roll baby get down
I feel it, I feel alive

How can you go on living like that?
Each day you die a little bit, it's too bad
You will love and protect him for life
Do you have a choice it's been written in blood?

It's not to late, open your eyes
You're still here with us, get back on the ground

How can you go on living?
The shades of grey are fading out

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