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Lights In This Town

This song is by Take It Back! and appears on the album Can't Fight Robots (2008).

All the lights in this town, no they would not amount to all the hearts and hope we'll never ever know. I pray to God you find out, what this life is all about and know that things are never ever what they seem... they're never what they seem.

I never told you that this would be enough, when I said we should unite under one name. Our goals the same, we set a flame, the lies that we've been told. Now the voices of change have had their say, but now my words are bold.

Always looking ahead.
Never stopping, instead I'll try to install these words of hope inside your heart, forever zealous, never hopeless. I've got to finish what I start.
I give you all of me.

Did I make a change in life or in death? Or has anyone listened to what I said? If I affected someone's heart in some way, my life right now my Lord can take.
With the weight of the world on my shoulders, together we'll take it over.

We've got to stand together, one voice, one name forever. We've stood still long enough. One voice, one name!

We know it's not enough so we just gotta take it, we're all goin' down so we just gotta give it away.

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