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Can I Come Over

This song is by Take 5 and appears on the album Against All Odds (2000).

I know it's late, but baby my love won't wait
I've got to get with you, got to be next to you
Right now baby, so don't tell me you're tired
I'll wake you up with sweet desire
Talking just won't due, I need to see you

Can I come over and hold you
All through the night
Can I come over and show you
What I got on my mind
Can we get closer and closer
Till I feel your heart next to mine
Can I, can I, can I come over tonight

We can dance slow,
To the slow songs on the radio

We could be staying up,
Until the sun comes up
All night baby,
So don't tell me you're tired
'Cause I just can't put out this fire
I don't wanna sleep,
Want you beside me

We can talk till the morning,
I can love you all night
I don't care what we do, as long as I
Can spend this night with you, with you

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