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He Got Cop Eyes

This song is by Taint and appears on the album The Ruin Of Novà Roma (2005).

Those dried-up comics beckon me
To join their no hope, dead-end, two-bit cabaret
Cyanide, open-palm,
A gift from God, won't you sing with your enemy
I want your badge to reclaim

I know you're hiding behind walls
And I won't be an easy win
'Said, he got cop eyes
I know you're waiting for my fall
And I won't be an easy win
'Said, she got cop eyes
I want my summer days in cars, down beaches - a skin-ful for fall
'Said, he got cops eyes.
Your bad suit and your worse breath
You're already in prison

I want out
This is it
See your mind, see your life
End in sight

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