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Circuit Vision

This song is by Tad Morose and appears on the album A Mended Rhyme (1997).

(Lyricist: Urban breed)

They told me what I should do
They gave me a way to get to you
You never stood a chance
The screen is never truly blank
And I can't hide my mind
Behind lie words that tear inside of me
Their faces find me anywhere
And in my room I feel their stare
The walls are cold they shimmer blue
Their vision hides inside of you

This Circuit Vision

My memories fade and I appear
Submerged and lost in digit beams
I confine myself within myself
A circuit glows I feel the need
An interface 'tween man/machine
They boot my mind and steal my dreams
As they feed me deep inside

Fractal code interlocking my spine
Feeding new format breaking mine down
System runs steady
Colour code true
ID# strands altered
Connecting me to you
...This Circuit Vision

You couldn't dream you had no mind
But now my eyes see only what you feed me

Conversely seen it's all so clear
Behind the news they're always there
The integration's just begun
I make my move when they say so
My eyes feed Data they must know
A night of secrets by the screen
Is all the programming I need

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