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How many times have the seasons come since our first meeting?
We were frolicking in our young days with innocent gazes

When it's surely fulfilled someday, as we stand in the place
That we had seen in a dream now
We feel everyone's feelings, it's a happy moment

Keep dreaming, even if each future we depict is (yeah) different
Keep walking, let's walk without stopping (yeah) anywhere
I'm all right if I'm with you
We understand it, you & I

Troubled with casual matters, there are nights I can't sleep
At such times I think, I'm glad that I'm not alone

I forgot to tell you all those "thank yous"
Though I didn't even have the courage to express it,
I'm depending on you. From now on, let's hate to lose

Keep singing, I want to sing for everybody (yeah) forever
Keep shining, shine, you like you and (yeah) me like me
Keep dancing, the steps rising in a spiral (yeah) will continue
Keep smiling, I want to search (yeah) for what only we can do
I'm all right if we're together
We understand it, you & I