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I miss you
I can't believe, I don't want to believe
That your slender fingers and white shoulders
Are now someone else's...

You and me in a rainy day
We met...
Was this "miracle" all an illusion ?

I'm so sad, I'm so sad, but I can't erase this love
I want to dash out the door at night and steal you back
I hold you, I hold you, but you slip away
One night's dream
Such rainy memories

I love you
All that remains in this room
Is an echo of violence
And tangled strands of jet black hair

You are cool in the other place
You show me a different face
Is even that smile a weapon ?

I want to forget, I want to forget, but I can't sleep at night
The pieces of that shattered dream pierce my heart
Without my umbrella, I went to look for you in the place we met
Was it a love-potion-induced dream ?
Such rainy memories

You're dream. What a shiny eyes !
As the rain pounded down on me
I knew my own weakness

I chase it, I chase it, but this dream won't come true
You cut this wound of love deep
I'll hold it in my heart, believing in tomorrow's rainbow
Until that someday
When we'll surely meet again

She went out in the rain
Even now, all time I love you
I felt tears rain down cheeks

Slightly damp rainy memories
I still can't erase them