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I thought I saw you
In the crowd outside the window
The scream I couldn’t voice
Looked for a place to go

Maybe freedom and loneliness
Are the same thing?
Maybe as we long for what we don’t have
We lose what we do have

Whe that bright season
Melts into my memories
Only those innocent eyes
Will keep burning in my heart
I can never go back to that day…

Your smile is reflected
The passing, passing seasons
You gave me…invisible wings
Not realising that
Our feelings
Unconsciously drifted apart
One day I’ll get through
This selfish weakness

I’d made up my mind for good
Not to trust anyone else
I thought
I could live alone

The memories of my time with you
Grow fainter, little by little
And suddenly it…gets painful
So bad I can’t breathe
But I’ll keep walking

The passing, passing miracle
Wasn’t enough
I’m clutching something in my hand
With the pieces of my pain…
The feeling you gave my feelings
The outline of your sleeping face
The warmth I felt when I held you
Flits through my trembling heart

The passing, passing miracle
And your shining tears
You gave me the strength
Not to show them in my eyes
So here I am
Our eternity
Is telling me something
I’ll turn it into a sign that I’ll survive anything
Even now, it still shines in my heart

If we could have the miracle
Of meeting again
This time, surely…surely
I know I’ll protect you