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Nice and Warm (1992)Edit

Tab Benoit - Nice and Warm

Nice and Warm

  1. Nice and Warm
  2. Open Book
  3. So High
  4. I Put a Spell on You
  5. Bone Pickin'
  6. Shining Moon
  7. The Killing Floor
  8. Up and Gone
  9. She's Out There Somewhere
  10. Drownin' on Dry Land
  11. Down in the Swamp
  12. Voodoo on the Bayou
  13. Ramblin' on My Mind

What I Live For (1994)Edit

Tab Benoit - What I Live For

What I Live For

  1. Blues Come Walkin' In
  2. Who's Been Talkin'
  3. Cross the Line
  4. Time and Time Again
  5. Cherry Tree Blues
  6. Somehow
  7. She's My Number One
  8. Too Many Drivers at the Wheel
  9. Night Life
  10. Don't Cut Off Your Hair
  11. Wide Open
  12. What I Live For

Standing On the Bank (1995)Edit

Tab Benoit - Standing On the Bank

Standing On the Bank

  1. Make Your Mind Up
  2. Me and My Guitar
  3. Downtown
  4. Standing on the Bank
  5. Matchbox Blues
  6. Rainy Day Blues
  7. You Got What I Want
  8. The Seventh Son
  9. If I Could Quit You
  10. Laundromat Blues
  11. Going Down
  12. Still Going Down the Road

Live: Swampland Jam (1997)Edit

Tab Benoit - Live- Swampland Jam

Live- Swampland Jam

  1. Let Love Take Control
  2. Ain't Gonna Do It
  3. Moon Coming Over The Hill
  4. Too Many Dirty Dishes (featuring Henry Gray)
  5. Keep On Moving
  6. Heart of Stone
  7. Gone Too Long
  8. Garbage Man w/Ryful Neal
  9. Crawling Kingsnake (featuring Jumpin' Johnny Sansone)
  10. Louisiana Style (featuring Jumpin' Johnny Sansone)
  11. It Takes a Long Time (featuring Tabby Thomas)
  12. Hot Tamale Baby (featuring Chubby Carrier)

These Blues Are All Mine (1999)Edit

Tab Benoit - These Blues Are All Mine

These Blues Are All Mine

  1. I'm Tired
  2. Crosscut Saw
  3. These Blues Are Mine
  4. Lights Are On but Nobody's Home
  5. Raided That Joint
  6. Crawfishin'
  7. Mother Earth
  8. Don't Lose Your Cool
  9. Jambalaya
  10. Twenty Nine Ways
  11. Keep Yourself From Crying Too
  12. Travelin' South
  13. Bayou Boogie

Power of the Pontchartrain (2006)Edit

Tab Benoit - Power of the Pontchartrain

Power of the Pontchartrain

  • Feat. Louisiana's LeRoux
  1. Don't Make No Sense
  2. Good to Ya, Baby
  3. Shelter Me
  4. Power of the Pontchartrain
  5. For What It's Worth
  6. Midnight and Lonesome
  7. Sac-Au-Lait Fishing
  8. Somebody's Got to Go
  9. I'm Guilty of Lovin' You
  10. Addicted
  11. One Foot in the Bayou

Night Train to Nashville (2008)Edit

Tab Benoit - Night Train to Nashville

Night Train to Nashville

  • With Louisiana's LeRoux
  1. Night Train
  2. Solid Simple Things
  3. Darkness
  4. Too Sweet for Me
  5. Moon Comin' Over the Hill
  6. Lost in Your Lovin'
  7. Rendezvous With the Blues
  8. Fever for the Bayou
  9. New Orleans Ladies
  10. Muddy Bottom Blues
  11. Stackolina

Medicine (2011)Edit

Tab Benoit - Medicine


  1. Medicine
  2. Sunrise
  3. A Whole Lotta Soul
  4. Come and Get It
  5. Broke and Lonely
  6. Long Lonely Bayou
  7. In It to Win It
  8. Can't You See
  9. Nothing Takes the Place of You
  10. Next to Me
  11. Mudboat Melissa

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