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Sunshine City (2006)Edit

TV Rock - Sunshine City

Sunshine City

  1. It Ain't Easy (featuring Nancy Vice)
  2. Bimbo Nation (featuring Nancy Vice)
  3. Hip House Is Back (featuring Seany B)
  4. Flaunt It (featuring Seany B)
  5. Unstoppable (featuring Tyler Spencer)
  6. Wild Boys (featuring Nancy Vice)
  7. Crank (featuring Seany B)
  8. Liftin Me Up (featuring Abigail Bailey)
  9. Speakers Gonna Blow (featuring Dino)
  10. New Day (featuring Nancy Vice)
  11. The Power

Other SongsEdit

  1. In The Air (featuring Rudy)
  2. In The Air (Axwell Remix) (featuring Rudy)
  3. The Others

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