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This song is by TQ and appears on the album Listen... (2004).

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Alright, alright
Won't you take a listen?
Take a listen baby
Listen, oh right
You might learn something
Won't you take a listen?
Take a listen
Take a listen, baby
You might burn something
I want you to listen
You might learn something
Please just listen

Hey, hey
What's happening y'all?
Check this out
Listen to me for a minute
I know you've been waiting a long time
So I'm much obliged
To get your mind
Right on my main man's guitar
How lucky we are
To be alive the day the west returns
With funky shit
For all your emotions
That's right
While I'm sipping on this love potion
I must say I did miss my folks
But I had to go down there and get my money right
All good loving California music
Enjoy it while you can

Why don't you listen, yeah?
Won't you take a listen?

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