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Make Noize

This song is by TLC.

Kid 'n' play and tlc
(The version of the song that tlc apears in is on the movie only.
The song "make noize" is on the house party 3 soundtrack, but tlc does not appear on it)

The duo's back in effect
On the house party set
Catchin' wreck on the mic check
Before we tear it up I turn and
Give my partner a high-five
Cause it's time to get live so

When I say make some
You say "noize"
Make some
Make some

Well it's the kid from kid 'n' play
Now that's a rap group
I'm not that suit but I'm livin' phat troop
You lookin' that cute the girl in the cat suit
In my back coop rhymin' over another phat loop
Oops feelin' good pop the tape in the tape deck
And I'm catch wreck
Then cash a fat check
Jet what the heck grab the mic for a mic check
Right before your eyes equalize with the goose neck
Who's next who's gonna flex with the hype
Rhyme as big as my type
I'm flowin' like a pipeline
Goin' for the mic sign
Gonna have a fine time
Name up in here like d I'm goin' prime time
Trynna score a touchdown
Trynna make a slam dunk
Breakin' off a fat chunk
'Cause this track is mad funk
Niggas tried to say I never gave back
Get ready for the payback
This is a house party plat

P to the l-a-y in the place to be
What's the matter brother didn't you hear me
See I'm the man that you heard about
The fly dark-skinned brother that the girlies spread the word about
And then you wonder why I get sex more
You get vexed more
cause I'm the boy next door
And with a smile and a grin and then I go up in
And then an hour later I'm at it again
Friend and then I'm ready to go but you don't hear me though
And I'm about to throw just like rainbow
I keep an even flow watch as I do the show
And I'ma flip it and kick it like jeter so
Don't try to say that I can't when I can pull
Watch me trample this hip-hop sample
The choice is yours right
You can either catch a cap or get slapped
Or seen in court jack

Knock knock you gotta let me in
Cause I know you got alligator skin underneath of your chin
And I only must pick a rough neck nigger
Check 'em in the set just to see who's bigger
The left never ever did expect to pull it when i
Say it's time to get it up I know he can't show it
And if you make a mistake he'll never give in
Stupid motherfucker

Well if my hat is 2 da back then you can sorta say it's crooked
As a look that only nookie gives a rough neck rookie
Jump the hump a rump bump the back hit the front
Take a dump in the stump roll a big fat blunt
And if he's quick to hand it to you don't grab it
He only really want it if he know he can't have it
Chase a rough neck bet you'll say dag nabbit
Mr. butter willie never did catch that dag nab wabbit

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