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The Art/Income Dialectic

This song is by TISM and appears on the album This Is Serious Mum (1985).

Art is for the filthy rich and their noble fucking minds,
Cause they're the only arseholes with any fucking time
To go to the galleries and the theatres and the restaurants to dine
While all the grotty working class are working down the mine.

They're really very self aware
And like to love all men
And they wouldn't want to eat an egg that comes from a battery hen
And support universal justice
And think that life is absurd
Just like they've read in Kafka and the other bleeding pretentious nerds.

I'd rather ride to Broady and get my face beat in
Disfigured for life by some lethal lout with a piece of tin
And when I'm in my hospital bed, my face slashed down the middle -
At least I won't be called 'artistic', or any of that piddle.

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