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Lyric For Jack

This song is by TISM and appears on the album This Is Serious Mum Demo Tape (1985) and on the demo This Is Serious Mum (1985).

Who shot John F. Kennedy?
Who blew him to the sky?
It wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald
No way it - it was I!

Dunno why I did it
Don't know why I did it
He didn't deserve to die
But there you go
It's a funny world

So I blew out the bit between his eyes.

Hello listeners

This is Ron Hitler-Barassi from This Is Serious Mum
Wishing every 3PBS listener a very happy time
During this anniversary of the birthday of Christ the saviour

And remember, this is the time of year where safety on our roads
Is of paramount importance. So never forget what they say:
"Going down the highway doing ninety eight, looking for a toilet, whoops too late"

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