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I Shit Me

This song is by TISM and appears on the album Great Truckin Songs Of The Renaissance (1988).

Work, play
Night, day
They shit me

Good, bad
Happy, sad
They shit me

He, she
They, we
They shit me
Oh they shit me
But not as much as...
Yeah yeah

I make me wanna vomit, I'm the pits
Even if the world had value,
I'd still give me the shits

Rich, poor
Less, more
They shit me
Rich shits me, poor shits me,
Dad shits me, mumma shits me

Out, in
Fat, thin
They shit me
Out shits me, in shits me,
Fat shits me, they all shit me

Black, white
Left, white
They shit me
Oh they shit me,
But not as much as
I shit me


Epistemology shits me
Ontology shits me
Phraseology shits me
Scatology shits me
Life shits me, this song shits me,
Even shit shits me

But they don't shit me one tiny eentzy weentzy minuscule
Macroscopic nanoseismic pan-insignificant zoophytic
Neo-nonexistent bit compared to the way…
I shit me, whoa!

(Chorus) (x2)

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