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Compilation album by TISM.
Retrospective Works 86/02
  1. Defecate On My Face
  2. Death Death Death
  3. Saturday Night Palsy
  4. I'm Interested In Apathy
  5. I Drive A Truck
  6. 40 Years - Then Death
  7. The History Of Western Civilisation
  8. I'll 'Ave Ya
  9. Get Thee To A Nunnery
  10. Lillee Caught Dilley Bowled Milli Vanilli
  11. (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River
  12. Greg! The Stop Sign!!
  13. All Homeboys Are Dickheads
  14. Whatareya?
  15. Five Yards
  16. Sid Viscous
  17. The Phillip Ruddock Blues
  18. Defecate On My Face - MGF Remix
A Collection of Bedroom Recordings 1982 - 1992
  1. Eckermann Is Very Silly
  2. The Ballad Of The Semitic Nazi
  3. Yassa Arathin-A-Go-Go
  4. (I Go To) Werribee
  5. Ladies And Gentlemen - The Judeo-Christian Ethic
  6. Ezra Pound, Axe-King
  7. The English-Speaking Peoples
  8. Doug Parkinson Sings Christie Allen
  9. I Await The Coming Of The Scottish Third Reich
  10. A Tale Of Two Faeces
  11. Almost Blue By Ian Curtis
  12. The Back Upon Which Jezza Jumped
  13. (Jumpin' Jivin') Jimmy “The Ghost” Joyce
  14. Unknown, Unacknowledged, Unforgettable, Underpants
  15. Life Is Fairly Silly, Really
  16. Landscape, Seascape, Escape
  17. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Whittle Away My Furniture
  18. Untitled
  19. How To End All Suffering
  20. Frenzy
  21. I'm Gonna Treat Ya To A Neitschze Double Feature
  22. You're Only As Good As Your Fans
  23. My Gerontation
  24. (This Morning I Had Work To Do)
  25. Tu E La Tua Razza Fa'un Culo

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