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Sings "Deck of Cards" (1958)Edit

T. Texas Tyler - Sings "Deck of Cards"

Sings "Deck of Cards"

  1. The Deck of Cards
  2. Dad Gave My Dog Away
  3. Fair Weather Baby
  4. Ida Red
  5. Beautiful Morning Glory
  6. Rough and Rocky
  7. You Were Only Teasin' Me
  8. Home in San Antone
  9. You'll Still Be in My Heart
  10. I'm Gonna Get Mad (and Leave You)
  11. Old Fashioned Love
  12. Tell Your Lies to the Man in the Moon

T. Texas Tyler (2003)Edit

T. Texas Tyler - T. Texas Tyler

T. Texas Tyler

  1. Fairwater Baby
  2. Somebody's Rose
  3. Red Light
  4. Ida Red
  5. Old Fashioned Love
  6. Follow Thru
  7. That's All
  8. There Ain't Gonna Be No Doggone After While
  9. Dead Ashes
  10. Wrong Side of Town
  11. I Want to Learn to Do It
  12. Curley Headed Baby
  13. Tex Tyler Ride
  14. Careless Love
  15. I've Heard That Story Before
  16. Guitar Boogie Woogie
  17. Smile When You Speak of Texas
  18. I'm Gonna Get Mad (And Leave You)
  19. Tell Your Lies to the Man in the Moon
  20. Much More Than the Rest
  21. You Doggone Son of a Gun
  22. Remember Me
  23. Filipino Baby
  24. Home in San Antone
  25. Beautiful Morning Glory
  26. Rough and Rocky
  27. "T" Texas Blues

Other SongsEdit

  1. Sweet Thing

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1916, d.1972

Real name:

T. Texas Tyler is a performance name for David Luke Myrick.

Years active:

1940's - 1960's

T. Texas Tyler was a member of:

  • The Six Westernaires


  • The Oklahoma Melody Boys

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