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This song is by T.M.Revolution.

hada ni kizamu toiki made
yureru Ü Ü shiruetto Ü Ü derikashii
nusumareta hitomi no oku
kimi wa "nani" o utsusu no?

Until the sighs that carve into skin
Shaking Ü Ü Silhouette Ü Ü Delicacy
"What" is captured inside of
Eyes stolen away from you? (1)

furete Ü Ü mitai no nara
subete Ü Ü ubaisareba ii
'Cause I need to know

Touch Ü Ü if you want to see
It's better Ü Ü if everything's taken from you
'Cause I need to know

furueru karada daite
kodou ga ima Ü Ü kikoeru
mayonaka no taiyou ni nure
boku wa Ü Ü iki o hisometa

Embrace the trembling body
The throbbing is now audible
Drenched in the midnight sun
I lowered my breathing

furete Ü Ü kowareru hodo

ai ga Ü Ü kimi o kaeteyuku
'Cause I need to hold

Touch Ü Ü until it's broken down
Love Ü Ü is changing you
'Cause I need to hold

furete Ü Ü shimaeru nara
subete Ü Ü ushinatte mo ii

Touch Ü Ü if you can finish
It's okay Ü Ü if everything's lost

furete Ü Ü kowareru kara
ai wa Ü Ü boku o kaeteyuku

Touch Ü Ü because it's breaking down
Love Ü Ü it's changing me

ai ga...

Love is...

The written verb utsusu (to reflect) uses the kanji for toru (to take a picture) instead. So in the lyrics, he refers to not just images reflected in your eyes, but to those kind of images that burn into your mind and are remembered.

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