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D.J. Stop 'N' Talk

This song is by T.J. Miller and features Christina Anthony.

D-D-D-D.J. Stop 'N' Talk
Playing the beats, stopping them, and then talking

Stop 'N' Talk
Carry a medium stick, don't walk so soft
D-D-D.J. Stop 'N' Talk, comfortable in crocs
Have a small collection of very rare clocks

Well, actually, really not that rare
But I think it's sort of a cool, quirky thing about me, you know
Collecting clocks, huh; fun

From ages seven to nine, used to collect rocks
Rarely get sick, immune to chicken pox
Prefer single malt scotch, always on the rocks
Dizzy from spinning all the loogies that he hocks

I know that's sort of, like, a gross mental image
But it does fit with the "sick" rapper motif
You know, like, I'm sick with the cypher
And also, I'm sick from this cold, I think it's the flu but I'm not sure
I'm just really "achy" kinda sick

Beat was too loud when opportunity knocked
Grew up, up from middle, hard day in the doc (tor's)
Mama kept it pleated, always hard to be discreet

It really was hard to be discreet, I mean she did dress me
Until I was, like, nine; I mean
That's gotta have some sort of effect on you, right, psychologically?
Alicia Keys!

I sought polos in feminine colours
How'd I get the permanent? Hair in rollers
Only hit on women if they're pushing strollers

Although I prefer strollers with recyclables and trash
Rather than babies; because they get

Rashes, D.J. Stop 'N' Talk
Collectable like PEZ
I mean I'm very rare

Charitable, but I don't wear a fez
I mean that I don't belong to an organization
But I'm very generous

Heterosexual, but my best friend's a lez
Have a lot of feelings I have to get off my chest

She really is my best friend
I actually quite enjoy the lesbian scene, surprisingly; you know?
It's really low pressure, and she was really there for me
Great friend, Megan O. When I had my brain surgery.
Her and robot doctor
Anyway, this really probably isn't the time or place for this, but uh

D.J Stop 'N' Talk, I keep it reeling
Occasionally I stop and talk about how I'm feeling
D.J Stop 'N' Talk, power house, two-person group
Freshest beats, J-Snuggle on the ones and twos

Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey, wait, wait, stop.
I don't know how many times I've told you this.
I'm the producer, I'm not on the ones and twos.
You're the DJ.
Well, what are the ones and twos? People always ask about them.
I-it's the decks, it's the records.
Then why don't you just say that?
Why would you split it up into two different numbers, the ones and the twos?
What-what are you talking about, man? You're not making any sense.
Whatever! Ninny-ninny foo-foo, this is how we doo-doo.
What are you- what is he doing, is he taking the decks with him?
<Door opens>
Hey! You left your cellphone and all of your money in the booth.
There's loose change all over the floor.
<Door closes>

D.J. Stop 'N' Talk, pissed off

(Christina Anthony)
Hey, D.J. Stop 'N' Talk, I heard you hate that one guy; is that true?
Who? That terrible-ass rapper who does the same thing over and over,
With similes and talking about what he's like?
And who thinks he's a Puerto Rican rapper, huh?
Is that who you're talking about?
Yeah, what's his name?
Uh, hold on. I-I gotta get my decks set up to answer you.
<Grunting and cases being opened>
It always sticks, you know?
You all right?
There's always uh-the lock always sticks.
<More grunting, final slam>
All right. D-D-D-D.J. Stop 'N' Talk. All right.
I'm all set up; what was the question?

What's his name?

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