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Smooth Sailin' (1980)Edit

T.G. Sheppard - Smooth Sailin'

Smooth Sailin'

  1. Do You Wanna Go to Heaven
  2. If I Never Saw the Light of Day Again
  3. I Feel Like Loving You Again
  4. I Could Never Dream the Way You Feel
  5. How Far Our Love Goes
  6. Smooth Sailin'
  7. My Mind's Already Home
  8. Do It Again
  9. Don't Touch Me
  10. Let the Little Bird Fly

I Love 'Em All (1981)Edit

T.G. Sheppard - I Love 'Em All

I Love 'Em All

  1. We Belong in Love Tonight
  2. What's Forever For
  3. Party Time
  4. Silence on the Line
  5. Touch Me All Over Again
  6. I Loved 'Em Every One
  7. You Waltzed Yourself Right into My Life
  8. Face the Night Alone
  9. Troubled Waters
  10. The State of Our Union

Finally! (1982)Edit

T.G. Sheppard - Finally!


  1. Only One You
  2. Finally
  3. Crazy in the Dark
  4. Wasn't It a Short Forever
  5. All My Cloudy Days Are Gone
  6. In Another Minute
  7. We're Walking on Thin Ice
  8. You're the First to Last (This Long)
  9. She's Got Everything It Takes (To Make Me Stay)
  10. I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone)

Perfect Stranger (1982)Edit

T.G. Sheppard - Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger

  1. War Is Hell (On the Homefront Too)
  2. Back in Your Arms
  3. Faking Love
  4. Reno and Me
  5. The Sun's Gonna Shine on Me
  6. Where Did We Go Right?
  7. A Pretty Diamond Ring
  8. Spare Hearts
  9. Gonna Keep on Tryin'
  10. Close Brush with Life

One for the Money (1987)Edit

T.G. Sheppard - One for the Money

One for the Money

  1. Changes
  2. One of Those Days
  3. Come to Me
  4. Everybody Loved Us
  5. Let's Do It Again
  6. Echoes in My Heart
  7. Walk of Life
  8. So Much for Love
  9. Some Bridges
  10. One for the Money

Other SongsEdit

  1. Devil In A Bottle
  2. Devil In The Bottle
  3. I'll Be Coming Back For More
  4. Last Cheater's Waltz
  5. Last Cheaters Waltz
  6. Make My Day
  7. Slow Burn
  8. Tryin' To Beat The Morning Home
  9. You Feel Good All Over

Additional information

Artist information:

Born: 1944

Real name:

T.G. Sheppard is a performance name for Billy Neal Browder.

Years active:

1975 - present

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