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Reggae Night

This song is by T-Pain and appears on the album Epiphany (2007).

[Lady 1:] girl I can't believe you got me comin' out here on a reggae night.
[Lady 2:] girl you need to get out the house.
[Lady 1:] shit, I hope you got yo' purse. you got yo' knife?
[Lady 2:] hell yeah these jamaicans crazy... how much it is to get in?
[Sercurity]: all yeah it's gonna be uh 10 for uh genaral admission 20 for vip.
[Lady 1 & 2:] goddamn!
[Sercurity:] that's how it's got to be ladies.
[Lady 1:] goddamn that's alot of money to get up in here.
[Lady 2:] $20 for what...? girl let's go to the bar.
[Lady 1:] goddamn nigga say excuse me.
[Lady 2:] girl you see that girl hair?
[Lady 1:] girl no. did you see the girl shoes?
[Lady 2:] that shit ain't fuck no. these rude ass niggas.
[Lady 1:] girl they ain't bout shit though. excuse me can I get a drank?
[Lady 2:] girl no you see her dress you see how she spilt her drank on me
Let's go to the bathroom after this 'cause I got to wipe this shit off.
[Lady 1:] excuse me can I get a drank? excuse me?
[Aman:] oh shit t-pain in the fuckin' buildin'.
[Lady 2:] man fuck t-pain that nigga ain't shit.
[Lady 1:] ok t-pain who the fuck is t-pain?
Arcadestreetooh t-pain that is the north flordia shit.
[Lady 2:] I just sayin' fuck t-pain my man got t-pain money.
[Jamaican lady:] man yo man ain't got shit on jive I'll kick y'all ass.

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