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My Girl Got A Girlfriend

This song is by T-Pain.

I know what you like

I just got off work. it's one thirty
I'm kinda hungry plus I know my girl lonely. Goin' back to my crib, it's kind of early. Suprise my girl because I know she waitin'. I open the front door, I hear moanin'. For real somebody, I'm gonna kill somebody. Then I get closer I hear groanin'. Bust in the door and see my girl with a chick, that's when I knew that-

My girl got a girlfriend, I just found out but it's aight as long as I can be with her too.
My girl got a girlfriend it really is not a problem 'cause I'ma make it do what it do. 'Cause havin' two chicks is better than no chicks I'd rather just join in, keep my girl and keep the other one too.
My girl got a girlfriend, it really is not a problem 'cause I'ma make it do what it do girl.

You know you're wrong shawty (could've told me) that you was sleepin' with a chick (how the hell you want in it) I thought it was better shawty, you're so stingy while you was kissin' on me I could be behind ...
I could be mad girl but I'm so cool wit it both of y'all in my bed and watch what I do to it. Girl I'm a fool wit it... I'm a fool wit it so slide over for me shawty let me show you how a player get down. 'Cause girl I'm about to give ya both the business. Beat it up until you say you finished then I'll feel the other one gotta bust her like a gun so I really don't care then.

Yeah, (yeah) convict
Ooh (x2)

I'ma have you sangin you gonna be sangin
(Uh huh) I'm have you sangin. I know what you like (x2)

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