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Lorraine Interlude

This song is by T-Pain and appears on the album Thr33 Ringz (2008).

[Phone rings:]

[T-Pain:] Yo. Who's this?
[Man:] Hello Pain.
[T-Pain:] What's up, man?
[Man:] It took me some time to think this through. Um, but I have somethin' I have to share with you.
[T-Pain:] What's that?
[Man:] I fucked your girlfriend last night.
[T-Pain:] You did what?
[Man:] You know, your girlfriend.
[T-Pain:] My who?
[Man:] Lorraine?
[T-Pain:] No that's... that's not my girlfriend at all.
[Man:] W-w-w-what?
[T-Pain:] Yeah, that's not my girlfriend, what so ever.
[Man:] Oh.
[T-Pain:] Yeah.
[Man:] So uh....
[T-Pain:] Yeah.
[Man:] How's it goin' then?
[T-Pain:] Uh... Great, cool, everything's good.
[Man:] So how's the music industry treating you?
[T-Pain:] Uh... 11 number ones, this year I figured.
[Man:] Oh, sweet, so let me give you a call back later & we'll catch up then.
[T-Pain:] Alright, yeah, sweet. Alright holla...
[Man:] Ciao.

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