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Return of the B-Girl (1998)Edit

T-Love - Return of the B-Girl

Return of the B-Girl

  • (featuring This Kid Named Miles)
  1. What's My Name? (3/4)
  2. I'm Comin'
  3. Untitled (KBAY interlude)
  4. Wanna-Beez (featuring Chali 2na)
  5. Return of the B-Girl (featuring Kool Keith)
  6. LA to Brooklyn (featuring Siah and Yeshua DapoED)
  7. Love Shots

The Long Way Back (2003)Edit

T-Love - The Long Way Back

The Long Way Back

  1. The Reel Love
  2. Swing Malindy
  3. When You're Older
  4. Fortress
  5. Modern Magdalena
  6. Who Smoked Sunshine
  7. Intellectual Proptease
  8. Seven (featuring Dwele)
  9. Non-Stop Toast
  10. Witch-Bitch?
  11. Chiquita
  12. Long Way Back (featuring Dwele)
  13. Wanna-Beez
  14. Oh-So Suite

Additional information

Real name:

T-Love is a performance name for Taura Taylor-Mendoza.

Also known as:

Love 'N' Props

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T-Love was a member of:
  • Urban Prop
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