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This song is by Týr and appears on the album The Lay Of Thrym (2011).

This song is a cover of "I" by Black Sabbath.
I am anger, under pressure
Left in cages, a prisoner, the first to escape
I am wicked, I am legion
Strength in numbers, a lie, the number is one

I, I, I
Everything that I see is for me

Yes, I am giant, I'm a monster
Breaking windows in houses, buildings of glass
Rebel, rebel, holy outlaw
Ride together, don't try it, the power's in one

I, I, I
I am standing alone but I can rock you
I, I, I
On the edge of the blade but the knife can't cut the hero down

I am virgin, I'm a whore
Giving nothing, the taker, the maker of war
I'll smash your face in, but with a smile
All together you'll never be stronger than me

I, I, I
Right here on my own but I still rock you
I, I, I
Don't follow behind just leave me on the outside

I, I, I
I am standing alone but I can shock you
I, I, I
On the edge of the blade but no one makes the hero bleed

(No, no, no)
(No, no, no)
I am hunger
(No, no, no)
Feed my head
(No, no, no)
All together
You'll never
Never make the hero bleed
(No, no, no)


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