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​Something Must Die

This song is by Syx.

The hunrgy pack must feed...
And something must die"

Uncertainty drains
Deceives as it fills me
But it still remains
Questions of stability
That massacred around me
Hides like a dying sun
A promise made with a kiss goodbye

A pessimist is buried
Under all this
My intent is out of touch
With my consent
Burning out as it fades away
Taking me to the other side
Where a decision is made
And forced to wait
Everytime something must die

It drags
Just enough to pull me through
And pushes me
So we can both move on together
Never spoke so soft to me
A voice that carries me
Guides me and helps me
To see through the light

Will be destroyed either way emotions that run away
It's causing me to realize
I'm a neurotic mother fucker

Something must die