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  1. Sorry I Didn't Know She Was Only 13
  2. A Real Bitch Doesn't Listen to Botch
  3. Seth Putnam Is a Rip Off
  4. $.$ Gonna Spread Hard Drugs to Your Stupid Kids With the Royalties Generated by This CD
  5. Emo Is the R'n'b of Hardcore
  6. Internet Thugz
  7. Poor Lonesome Trasher
  8. I Drive Drunk to Smash Cop Kids
  9. Remove Your Spikes
  10. Assume You're a Loser
  11. Crusty Bastards
  12. Not Sorry About This
  13. I Love Real TV Shit
  14. King of Hiddenz
  15. Andre From Mongoli Is a Mongoloid Android and Tetris Made Him Fool
  16. D.I.Y.
  17. More Crack!
  18. Horny Sistaz Love Mr. Freeze
  19. Bullet Proof Bikini
  20. Bootyfastoi! Forskrewdriverfever
  21. Fatal Mosh From Venice Beach Goulag a.k.a. Revolution Is Trendy
  22. Funny Funky Breakin' Yaba Girl
  23. Stabbed in the Back With a Fork
  24. A Song That We Can't Understand Why We Did It AKA the Batman Song
  25. Classious as a Pimp in Pump
  26. Nunchakniggusstrretbounceviolentattack
  27. You Play Stoner but You Don't Even Know That It Came From Black Sabbath Because You Are Born in 1981
  28. Do You Have a Karate Club Card?
  29. Disco Vietnam: Born to Dance
  30. The DC Killah
  31. Crackrocks Chocolate Milkshake
  32. Bootyfightonshakethatass
  33. Too Fuckin'Long

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