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Step II (1978)Edit

Sylvester - Step II
Step II
  1. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
  2. Dance (Disco Heat)
  3. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Epilogue)
  4. Grateful
  5. I Took My Strength From You
  6. Was It Something That I Said
  7. Just You And Me Forever

Stars (1979)Edit

Sylvester - Stars
  1. Stars
  2. Body Strong
  3. I (Who Have Nothing)
  4. I Need Somebody To Love Tonight

All I Need (1982)Edit

Sylvester - All I Need
All I Need
  1. All I Need
  2. Be With You
  3. Do You Wanna Funk
  4. He'll Understand
  5. Hard Up
  6. Don't Stop
  7. Tell Me
  8. Won't You Let Me Love You?

Call Me (1983)Edit

Sylvester - Call Me
Call Me
  1. Trouble In Paradise
  2. Call Me
  3. Good Feelin'
  4. He'll Understand
  5. One Night Only
  6. Too Late
  7. Power Of Love
  8. Band Of Gold
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