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This song is by Sybreed and appears on the album Antares (2007).

And once again
We feel the silence
So far away
From being able
To wait for deliverance
We consume ourselves
Into the flames
Of a perfect pain

As we stand alone
We're floating down
The complex stream of existence

Grey shadow plays reflecting vanity
We live to lie and to betray

As we stand alone
We lick the blood
Of our tainted, shattered innocence

We are used to swallow the poison
To close our eyes as we descent
And lost our will in self-affliction
A fool's promise to break our heart
We are so sick to live this way
But we enjoy the lack of light
Walking in darkness
To run away

This blindness to cure our mind
From dreadful misery

We can't find the right belief
We can't find salvation
Frail, pathetic
We're unborn possibilities
Dissolved plasmaterial
We hide injuries deep inside
Afraid to show our wounds
We enjoy damnation

Disconnected, we have no goal or meaning
To lead our steps on this ground
Like mannequins, we're evolving
In the fields of a dead reality
Surrounded by our own delusions
Fractured and distorted to the core
We're searching the ecstasy of faith
In this masquerade called life

As we stand alone

And we welcome the fall
Softly in our arms we embrace
The disease called humanity
The genesis of tears and exquisite agony

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