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This song is by Sybreed and appears on the album The Pulse Of Awakening (2009).

It's all around
A solid wall of lies
Designed on massive scales
Still, we endure and tolerate

Because we know we cannot stop the fall
Because we know it's getting worse day after day

Look at the world
We've got nothing to preserve
In this hollow life
We are broken deep within

We are destined
To be expendable products
To emulate cheap happiness
Like zealots, we imitate

We do our part
Secluded in vain deceptions
But soon glory fades
And there is nothing left but suffering

Our god is dead
Since we have been proclaimed divine
We have become but empty shells
No faith could feed or sustain us
We drift from place to place
Sunken in miserable dreams
We feel no love, we feel no hate
Then face the heart of destruction

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