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Brand New Day

This song is by Swollen Members and appears on the album Brand New Day (2014).

Life is a beautiful struggle

I'm on fire, when I rap, I leave the area smoky
Better call Smokey the bear, 'cause I'm the rarest showpiece
My roots are planted, standing strong, and I'm a cherry oak tree
But keep quiet as kept, 'cause I'am very low-key!
Never rode a BMX, wearing a pair of Oakleys
While listening to DMX, not even remotely
Close, listen closely, I'm the most sickest rapper
Leaving no sistine chapel, I am blown trough some chapters
But I won't regret after I am done with my rapture
I am done with the laughter, I'm a sun: can't be captured
And I'm smashed to be in messico???, half of us want the realshit
But we are forcefed all or this horseshit its unfortunate!
It is unfair, that's why I'm never done here
I love how I'm rebuilding, and the future? It is unclear
But I look at the glass healthful, retired asshole
Life fast like: where did my past go?
I'm a maniac, a chatterbox, it's chatastrophic
Poppin' gravol, spitting scattered rocks and fuckin' battle topics
I'm popin off and shooting bottle rockets
I'm a throttle rocker, never sitting idle, oh my god I'm proper!

When the sun raise right, rising shine early wakers
Got a part time apartment in the land of the lakers
People ask me if I'm landed from the lands of Jamaica
I say no, although I grow up on an island motivated
Overrated by some, underrated by most
We all conserved what no one has ever done for my cost
I see the prime shining right in the eyes of his false
My microphone is like a lighting ball striking your home
Before I put the fire out, put the brighters out the misery
That's another Spider-Man and Silver Surfer mystery!
Deliver in my system of belivers and must
Believe in family, in friends, its only few you can trust
The three of us we stuck together through the thick and the thin

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