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Blood Sport

This song is by Swollen Members and appears on the album Brand New Day (2014).

Where is the manager
Who is the janitor?
Man, am I going too slow?
Otherwise all those lives will get posted on TV show
Channel changing, I'm rearranging
I hope they're falling down
I'm all around
I use these words abusively
I don't have to stack no dope
Confusing me is illusionary
That's why to use these master goals
So your flow is after 9
Now it's the time to rearrange
Give me the chance and be amazed
I prevail, I don't fail
I'm not very sure what that means
All the income that you made from style biting
While I am writing, I'm the original piece

I'm not a child, I'm a methodical beast
Welcome to another periodical piece
I'm a twisted pitbull, but you're so weak
Smiling now but all you see is a lot of gold teeth
The life of vampires
So I love more than one time

Calculating strategies, made me act this homicide
Young Frankenstein brings a couple of brain with his metal plate
I feel what I hear
That might just be an offer
Deep preparation, keep elevation
Bring deadly statements

I'm long gone, strong blown to see now
Had to go to preach, tryin' to walk the green mile
I'm sober, I kill boy
Such a joy

I'm crappin' of the gums
And I'm keeping some
Gold teeth thinkin' while I'm makin' my income
Rap like a drug store
Killin' like a drug war

Misguided angel, I'm the king of the throne
I'm calling it a monster, and I'm sitting at home

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