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​When We Ball

This song is by Swishahouse.

Swishahouse and sucka free ain't trippin'
Nigga feel this

Lil flip

Y'all ain't ballin like us, man
Uh uh

I get sick if I stop ballin, man
(Ain't that right ron c)

Man, I gotta spend at least ten g's a day (a day)
Fifty a week (a week)
I don't think y'all know who I am

I'm lil flip
And, i, ball
Fifty, g's, when I walk in the mall
My, gold, shine, like stars
(You say you got dvds)
I got mine in my car

You, might, see, me in the gmc
I'm probably watching dvds
Color, tvs, I got hoes
Freestyle, king, I ain't no pro
When, i, drink, imma lean
Take my clothes, to the cleaner, they clean
Guess, glasses, and guccis
Hoes on stage, they poppin' they coochies
Lil flip, I put diamonds in yo face
Yes, I'm sellin, fifty thousand in yo state
Keep, rappin', all day
Used to, walk, ?downward and highway?
When I flow, niggas listen
Open, up, my mouth, diamonds glisten
They be, really, damn mad
'Cause I'm only eighteen, and I got me a jag
Me and hump, we, got, hoes
Eat, free, at, papadeauxs
I, like, smokin' out tha ?mos?
Look at my closet, and I got a lotta clothes
Clothes in yo closet, but they ain't like mine
At the club, I'm poppin' bottles of wine
All day nigga, what I do
Slow down music, by watts and screw
And when we wreck, niggas wanna give me a check
I collect hoes, like upper deck, cards
I ain't fraud, I fuck with broads
Come to the room and have menage a trois
Lil flip, who I be, sabwarfare
Don't fuck with no hoes who ain't got hair
I keep rappin' I like to keep wreckin
?Get at the nigga ass just like tekken?
When, I ball, imma do it
Gotta, get, a drink, and pursue it
Just like nike, I gotta do it
I'm pulled up in a benz, you in a buick
How, you, like, dvds
Now, lil, flip, take over
Hoes need to get a make over
When, i, wreck, niggas say
Damn, where, dat, nigga stay
Cloverland nigga, that's my hood
Holla me at homestead and hershelwood
It's all good, 'cause I'm ?gold beat? up the block
Nigga got hoes from reed to scott
Every time nigga I gotta shine
Niggas say, you on 97.9
Might, knock, fuckin' pictures off the wall
And I have to knock dentures out ya mouth
So, don't, fuck, with lil flip
When I'm in my jaguar, I don't slip
Eight k's in ?cali coves?
Spikes on my dogs like we at the alamo
So don't play with me unless you're down to ?down? lay with me
Cause imma grind, every day I shine
Lil flip nigga puff on pine
Endo that's the finest weed
Big hoes with big bootys tryin' to spree
Get up to the room I run through
Hell yeah I fuck and one two
I'm gone, now I gotta go to the studio
Make me like coolio
Hoes know, that we flow
Now I almost lost my breath
If I make another right, it's gonna cost my left
So imma go straight, like my name was george
I'm the freestyle king I sip pints of bar
I get drunk
Fuck, hoes, I pop trunk
Stay with nigga, my uncle, that nigga hump
And every time, we, hit the club, we ride in the benz ? with dubs
Niggas say you got ?perfection? 'cause I own half of connections
When I'm in there I don't pay for drinks
Yeah yeah look at my wrist and?
?Ice? I like to sip drank and sprite
I like to fuck bitches and I like to fuck ?dice/guys?
Got ice, air jorden, ralph lauren
Got more ice in my mouth than gordon jeweler
I used to be a preschooler
Fuck yeah nigga

Lil flip nigga

Swishahouse sucka free
Kiss our ass if you bootleggin

Hold up watts bring that back
It's the chamillionaire
Let me and paul wall get some of that

Look I'm not the type to brag about the size my dick
'Cause I would rather brag about the size of my chips
My dimes and my nicks and how I ride wit yo sis
With a diamond in my ear about the size of your fist
Keep your eyes on my wrist while I shine and I glis
Don't sip sip syrup I'm buying the cris
I think some of y'all niggas just tryin' to piss me off
Cause you girlfriend dyin' to kiss this baller on the lips
I'm callin it quits, ain't rappin' no more after this, you wish
Get yo mind correct chamillionaire wreck the stereo
Don't even want to let the tape out the deck
Throw up your set and take notes from my lesson
Everywhere I go I hear dumb ass questions
Do you know slim thug is he really a thug
Is ron c a DJ or does that nigga sell drugs
Get out my face before I slap out the taste
I'm not really in the mood for catching a case
Haters get erased you can ask ?ceaser leo?
Yo woman wanna be my queen wanna be my cleo patra
I slap her warp her with a stack of ?big faces?
Gold platinum I make 'em put my plack up
I don't bring good luck I bring niggas damage
Can make niggas panic when I chop it up in Spanish
Oh no problemo es all to the bueno
I'm not michael watts don't pass me a demo
Keep keep it real and keep the chamillion on your mind
Spit ? every line now you can press rewind

Bring it back one more time this is paul wall

Lemmie get somethin' chamillion
Hold up watts

Paul wall fixin to wreck the beat
I got more diamonds in my mouth than teeth
Got ?rock? on my chains and I still got the?
I could catch boppers if I didn't have no feet
Call me a geek 'cause I got street smarts
Walkin' the street eatin on sweet tarts
At home got a set of versace darts
Now scientists wanna analyze my farts
Wanna see how I pop trunk when I poo
Turn me up a little my mics on mute
Me ralph and travis swung through the?
Gettin' chased by police on lake charles loop
Bootleggers puke eat a spoon full of sugar
I done got diamonds embroidered on my boogers
I'm a twenty inch rubber band chrome hugger
Try to snatch my chain my diamonds gonna cut ya
Chop it like a butcher watts bring that beat back
Bought my sister ?samika? a bently backpack
Swangin the block like it's a base ball bat
I done got diamonds embroidered on my contacts
It hurt when I blink, all I see is pink
I got toilet paper that's made out of mink
Pop trunk when I?
?Fuck? what you think
Its paul wall
I'm so funky that I stink