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​Oh No (Freestyle)

This song is by Swishahouse.

Niggas just going to have to feel this
'Cause I wanna express what I gotta say

You know what I'm sayin'?

It's the OG Ron C
Puttin' it down like this here

Them niggas keep askin'
'When the album gonna drop?'
Well lookie here playa
It's coming soon man


And for this year 2001
We've told you boys, we showin up and pourin up
And now that we done showed up and poured up
You best believe we got this game sewed up baby

That's right

The southerns finest, OG Ron C
Big Tiger, I came to wreck
We 'bout to break you boys off
Oh they mad?
We 'bout to give them somethin' to be mad about


So throwed!
I said we done told y'all niggas before
You must be deaf if you think we ain't gettin' dough
Hit the remote, screens fall and trunk glows
Step up in the club starched down but stay flow
From that North to the South Pole
Ron C chop it up make it slow

Check. look.
The block gets bled red like a leg in an ant bed
My twanks make a crippled girl turn her damn head
Hakeem cause a scene when I drop my screens
Got more green than Mean Green sippin a green cup of lean
In a green limousine I impress myself
Might spit game to a nun just to test myself
Won't throw up before the show
I throw up the four for sure
I show up to flow
And pwah blow up the show
Whoa ice bright man like a night light, man
Ice white like the head lights on a white van
As bright as a white man with a light tan
Ice bright as the skin on Michael Jackson's right hand
Nigga god damn ooh I impress myself
I'm so throwed I need a catchers mitt to catch myself
How much you niggas wanna bet you'll never get my wealth?
I'd rather play a solo game of dice and bet myself
Whoa hold up Ron C, I just done won me a g
Lookie me I'm the nigga the wannabes wanna be
I'm tellin' ya, ooh nigga I impress myself
So many hoes on my dick I gotta stretch my belt
Nigga you better go hand cuff your honey dick quick
My lips done touched more female lips than lipstick
My car got more butter than the bunch of biscuits
I get chicks while you get dissed and get dismissed
I get kissed like I was under mistletoe on Christmas
Paul wall done got diamonds embroidered on his kicks
Ron C is using platinum turntables for this mix
I'm walkin' round with a chain that's bigger than Slick Rick
Warfare and the big six we never ride in Rav4
Ride Ac or Jag or maybe a black Ford
I'm ridin' round with a gat on the damn dashboard
Oh no it's that War comin' in through the back door

So throwed

Warfare crept in through the back door
Watch back, I might just explode
The house is out of control
From Homestead to the 44
As if y'all niggas didn't know
Ron C chop it up make it slow

I got this joint locked like niggas with arthritis
I'm cold like flu virus and deadly as hepatitis
Call me Maidas 'cause I think I got the golden touch
If you ... back up, 'cause I'm way to much
Afraid to bust, I'm not
I empty out the glock
Put some C4 in the lot and have your whole block hot
I don't stop like dead bunny
I'm out to get money
Imma hustle and grind, whether rain or sunny
Damn dummys on the line, tryin' to steal my shine
Nigga you get your own shit, you can't reflect off mine
Wreck of mine, try to get a check of mine
You keep up doin' shit like that and you gonna end up dyin'
See I ain't lyin' y'all
Say I 'bout to ball
Screens in the wall
Unload the mall
Hell yeah I want it all
Could have made it to the league only if I was tall
But I'm not, so I chose to grab the glock
Post up on the block to try to stack the knot
See I ain't fear nothin'
If you let a nigga live then there's gonna be some reprecussions
Think I'm bluffin'? Then try me. Have your momma hollerin' "Why me?"
I did all I could to try to raise little Barbie
So sorry
Hoes gettin' played like Atari
Call me a astronaut cause my future lookin' stary
Now wont you smile for me like my name was 2pac
When you see me ridin' by in the candy blue drop
Do stop? hell naw. I don't know y'all
But you can see his trunk wave while the front end fall
Fix yo jaw, whole block left in awe
'Cause they done just got a visit by a superstar
We ride in big cars
And stay gettin' blowed
Ron's on
Choppin' up
'Cause I'm gettin' so throwed

Fo' sho'

Puttin' it down like this all over the world

Swishahouse 2k1

Warfare and Chamillion

Y'all need to get to the stores and get that archie lee man
It's hot
It's on your shelf right now
The house got some more projects comin' to you
Lil Mario a star is born
And on that underground tip
Y'all need to look out for that Warfare
Its hot shit I'm tellin' you
Real recognize real, man
We from the land of the trill man
We all get down the same
It's the same how we done laced up this game
You feel me?
It's all real baby
Pimpin'! big pimpin'!
Warfare for real
If you don't feel me then you ain't baby
Ain't nothin'