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​Freestyle (The Real Slim Shady Beat)

This song is by Swishahouse.

Wat it dew
Dis paul wall
Swishahouse baby
We bringin' y'all somethin' new for this 2000
Its after da kappa baby
Y'all ain't ready for us
Y'all frontin like y'all me
This the real paul wall
Ya feel me
Check this out

Y'all act like you ain't never seen a white person before
Throwin' up the 44 with a braid and a fro
I got more dough than a baker
Yellow bone like la laker
I'm a straight play braker
In a fay cake shakker
I'm might swang through maka maka
Forign car driver
When I'm dead and gone
Still ain't nobody liver
Swishahouse rider
Partna name big tiger
Me and cola
Ridin' on stretch motorcycle
Put some swangers on a pt cruiser
Paul wall could catch boppers if I rode on a scooter
A buster abuser
A hater head bruiser
I'm breakin boys off
Swingers on a land cruiser
U of h couger
Joe collins runnin' track
I bought my sister nikki taylor gucci contacts
A block bleeder
A acers homes preacher
TV screens fall and I'm watchin moesha
Mo ice in the freezer
Mo hot than a stove
I could pass gas and make my trunk close
'Cause I'm paul wall yes I'm the real wall
Ridin' a forign car that you ain't ever saw

Golds in my mouth
I'm up in the swishahouse
I represent for the north
And represent for the south
You know what I'm talkin' about
Nigga please get crunk
Please please get crunk
Please please get crunk
'Cause I'm gold grinnin
I'm oh so chrome spinnin
And I'm thug life livin'
And messin with your women
You know what I'm talkin' about
Please please pop trunk
Please please pop trunk
Look I have no use for robotussin
Promethazine, or visine
Sip no lean or codeine
Give no coins to dope fiends
The names hakiem
Don't call me that ya hear?
I changed my name from chamillion
To the chamillionaire
My arms in the air
And ringers off my fists
I'm the nigga you need to find
If you tryin' to stack some bricks
I'm the one you need to holla at
If you stack some chips
In love with my ice
But the ice is too cold to kiss
I'm not in love with you miss
Get bolted by the sam
Show my mean mug
Cause a mean thug is what I am
Spend 10 grand
Why? because I can
Two carrots up in my fridge
And 32 up on my hand
Damn I ain't lyin'
Girl you can stop tryin'
Is you a hot girl
If not girl
Then drinks I'm not buying
I'm fire hot fryin
I don't need help
I'm bout to act a donkey
And chop this rap up on my by myself
Actin' a damn fool
Pack packin the damn tool
If I ever act a gorilla
Then my brotha act a gorilla to
Got me got me a fubu
Got me got me a gat too
Got me got me a brand new red bone with a tattoo
Got ya got ya head boppin up and down like a seesaw
20 inch rims on my car
Never fake 'cause we raw
Look in all up my mouth and gold teeth what she saw

Watch me kick in the door and wave up the 44

Chamillion represent that desoto block
Antoine 44 in the door fo sho
What's up paul wall you got somethin' to say dawg

I just wanna shout out to some of my parners...