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​Ch2 Flow

This song is by Swishahouse.

This is Chamillion
Got a few words to say on behalf of that Swisha House

Loo look
Is you a hot girl if not girl
Can't be touchin' my hotspot girl
I can't be all up in that cock girl
I'm runnin' with Michael Watts girl
This is our world
What you can't tell
Just look at the ice and my bezel
My bread is green but it ain't stale
TVs and the 600 V-12
And I'm slugged up
The Chamillion be tattered and thugged up
My money be gettin' all jealous
You gotta move I can't be hugged up
They bugged up
Selective Sounds the feds ..
Ain't knock us
'Cause we ridin' in candy red droppers
On choppers
You love that
I see your big ass and I love that
Like Juvenile back that ass up in my direction
And let me rub that
Swisha House no need to dub that
Go get you some Swisha House socks
Go get you some new shoes
Put Swisha House on top of your Reeboks
... If you're tryin' to get rich
Go on get some Swisha House stocks
'Cause if it ain't platinum or gold
Then it ain't come from that Michael Watts

... What's happenin' Mike Watts
I'm rockin' Reebok with some white socks
Paul Wall be wreckin' the mic while Michael Watts be choppin the right spots
Choppin your block up with big ...
'Bout to ...
You best to quit runnin' your mouth
'Cause my gurilla's been known to ...
I'm Paul Wall camoflauge boy
With soldier ... on my crotch
And if we get into some drama
Then me and Davis carry that glock
With Terry off in the garage boy
He ready and waitin' to blast that
With the ...
In his backpack
We turn heads
My jaw be makin' 'em gold
I could catch boppers
If I rode on spare tires and (donuts?)
Watch me bringin' that ... back
You bootleggers best to stop
... Gone for that Swisha House album
In a few months we 'bouts to drop it

They call me big Watts
Homestead is where you'll find me
Cuz they hate me
Find me but they can't stop me
All about makin' the come up
I'm bustin' on niggas that run up
Gotta stay real gotta make me a mill
Gotta roll in a lexus bub
All about makin' my paper
I'm all about fuckin' off haters
I keep me a nine
Gotta stay on the ground
Talk shit but you can't fade us

How you love that

Swisha House 99 baby

That's how we do it

Htown and Louisana