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The End Of The Century

This song is by Sweet Noise and appears on the album Koniec Wieku (1998).

Eyes that used to see
Heart that once did feel
Mind that used to think
Hands, the hands could touch
Mouth that used to speak
Opened wide in deadly silence
Legs that made him walk
Won't make a single step no more
Here they come
Just to take it all away
Spilling blood everywhere
Feeding themselves withhate and pain
Damned children of the end of the century

Take me away
Don't let me go insane

No one's safe
Nothing holy
Brother kills his brother
Child kills a child
Days of terror
The cult of hate
Superstar with the blood on the hands
Stares at you
Talks to you
Sleeps with you
Becomes you
And you kill without a reason
You kill just to kiil
Destroying all that's human
Love in you and me
And you, you, you still call yourself a man
To me you' re a beast with a human face

Take me away
This is the end of the century

Look into the eyes
Of the one' s you used to grow up with
You' ll see fear
The darkest fear at the bottom of those eyes
I' m afraid of you
And you' re afraid of me
I don' t trust you
And you don' t trust me
Sorry so sorry
I just wish I 'm still a man
A man

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