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This song is by Sweet Noise and appears on the album Koniec Wieku (1998).

Fear grows
Just like a tree it grows
The roots tear apart the soul
Suck the nerves
Suck the core
You' re eyes
I fear
You' re words
I fear

I hear the rhythm
The rhythm ofrage, death and panic
Millions of hearts
Bit the rhythm
It is nervous

Here come the wheels of the hate machine
Man distroyes what man built
Monuments are falling down
Cruel gods
Greedy gods
False gods
Here comes a man

Nature's scream
Mothers' moan
Old man's tears
A child is weeping
It's we who are our worst, deadly enemies
We had the holocaust
The Vietnam
We had the world wars
We killed in the name of God
We burnt the land
We buried alive
We made men slaves
We killed their pride
We are a rascist's song
The black rain
The starve of the starving
The tortured man's pain
We are the lier's tongue
The brothers war
The broken hope
We are civilized