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This song is by Sweatshop Union and appears on the album Water Street (2008).

Mothers and sons, fathers and daughters you're
Praisin' the dollar just like it's a goddess
Now, process the thought you could say yo' it's not us;
We're cautious so as not to get caught up on products
Bull shit so full of McDonalds you need calonics
No honest, they've got us just how they've got us so that we want it
And will it stop?-No!
Not since your self-strength went through the window.

Look at the pop kings and queens,
Stop think and see that the tug of marketing beneath those hot pink caprees
Got you talkin' and bein' like all the Hollywood phony shit
Better watch what you're preachin' now days not even only just that
I need a pony it's that
I need a Nokia-teen-barbie phone with a monthly credit loan
Because it's family stuff
And we love to be nice parents
But you ought to know your daughter's growin' up to be like Paris
And they don't care it's in your homes or your own minds
They got you when your born so it's in your bones
Like a kiddie-farm goldmine
Generation so blind
We don't need to think, that's the whole nine
And you can hide, but they got million-dollar spin-doctors
Workin' through the night to get a million out your thin pockets
Got a bottom line, big profits, big willy wanna brainwash the world
Gonna make a killing off it

I remember being thirteen, diggin' in my moms purse.
Fiendin' to get the name brand, shirts,
Jeans, and anything else I thought was cool
Wanted to show off my shoes once I got to school
To make the other kids jealous
Tryin'a front like I bought 'em at Footlocker when I got 'em at Zeller's
But what the hell was I supposed to say man.
These girls'll ignore you unless your clothes are name brand, shit
But by the time I turned seventeen
Realized that almost everything I thought was important had never been
And a lot of what I taught was true just wasn't
So by then I rarely got to school
Started seeing it's a consumers world,
Perpetuating greed that consumers the world
And everybody's over obsessed with their possessions
Getting loaded with debt
Got us climbing out a hole till we're old and decrepid