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This is My Promo, Volume 2 (2005)Edit

This Is My Promo, Volume 2
This Is My Promo, Volume 2
  1. This is My Promo, Volume 2
  2. Intro
  3. Bangsh
  4. Set the Record Straight
  5. Up Your Speed (Video version)
  6. Magic Round About, Episode 1: The Magic Metal
  7. Flo' Fashion (Fang Gang remix) (preview)
  8. Sway on TRL (MTV)
  9. Whoopsie Daisy (Remix)
  10. Sway on Air, Part 3
  11. Down Load (Aftershock Freestyle version)
  12. Feat Sway (Mix 3)
  13. Love Story '05
  14. Call My Name (Demo version)
  15. On the Road (Show & Audio Tour)
  16. Photographer (Paparazzi dub)
  17. Still on My Own (Preview)
  18. Sway on Air, Part 4
  19. Harvey Nicks (Preview)
  20. Sway on the BBC (World Service & Radio 1)
  21. One Day (Live from Radio 1)
  22. Stand Still
  23. Feat. Sway (Mix 4)
  24. Charlie Boy Is Black
  25. Outro (Up Your Speed Remix)

This is My Demo (2006)Edit

This is My Demo
This is My Demo
  1. This Is My Demo
  2. Products
  3. Hype Boys
  4. Little Derek
  5. Pretty Ugly Husband
  6. Flo Fashion
  7. Up Your Speed
  8. Download
  9. Loose Woose
  10. Sick World
  11. Still on My Own
  12. Back for You
  13. Slo Down
  14. Month in the Summer

The Signature LP (2008)Edit

The Signature LP
The Signature LP
  1. Fit 4 A King
  2. Say It Twice
  3. Saturday Night Hustle
  4. Silver & Gold
  5. F Ur X
  6. Jason Waste
  7. Look After My Girl
  8. Pray 4 Kaya
  9. Walk Away
  10. Upload
  11. Stereo
  12. Letters To Heaven
  13. End Of The Road
  14. Special Place
  15. Taxi
  16. My Kind Of Girl

Songs Featuring SwayEdit


Additional information

Artist information:


Real name:

Sway is a performance name for Derek Andrew Safo.

Years active:

2004 - present

Record labels:

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