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The Gallow's Pole Dancer

This song is by Swashbuckle and appears on the album Crime Always Pays (2010).

(Music - Nobeard | Lyrics - RedRum)

Dangerous curves invade the night
Tobacco stains the air, and we take flight
To a gallow's pole with an addition
Hail buccaneers with free admission

Naked treasure, booze, and pleasure
Awaits us all, takes drastic measure
Brand our wrists with blackened ink
Let's run this bar right out of drinks

Hair to the floor, heels to the sky
Sling the bling to caress her thighs

Lust runs high, then dry
The scent of sweet aromas
Gallow's pole dancers
Take on false personas

When clothes come off
We'll gorge our eyes
Gallow's pole dancers
Weave a web of lies

Set 'em up, she'll be knockin' 'em down
With those suicide eyes in midnight gowns
Burning holes right through our slacks
Till we shell out coin to get them in the sack

We've got the rhythm in our hands
Cast the dues, now bend to our demands
Corsets are falling, g-strings go flying
She might be the only thing worth buying

A top dollar tariff nets your worth
Sensual spirits bolster ceaseless mirth

The meaning of rings gets lost
The sexiest sights come at a cost
Gifts to gratify our senses
Perfection shallowed by expenses

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